Our Transformer Oil Filtration Services

Research shows that 80% of oil related failures and breakdowns are caused by contaminated oil. Preventive oil maintenance is therefore and important factor to ensure optimum equipment reliability.

  To handle electrical stress, transformer oil is required to have good dielectric strength. The transformer oil, then, must be treated to remove residual water (mositure), dissolved gasses, and dangerous particles in order to slow down aging of the transformer.

 To achieve all these,transformer oil filtration is required!

 Using our filtration machine, transformer oil filtration, dehydration and degassing are done all at once and in the shortest time possible.

Some Tests we carry out to determine the state of your Transformer Oil

Our Transformer Oil Filtration Machine Features

  1. Type of Design:Double-Stage Vacuum System.
  2. Capacity of Plant:4000LPH.
  3. Plant Operation:415 V, 3-Phase, 50 Hz.
  4. Operation Mode:Semi Automatic.
  5. Mounting Type:4 Nos pneumatic tyre wheels for indoor as well as outdoor movement.
  6. Preliminary filter with magnet & strainer
  7. Degassing Chamber:The Degassing chamber is designed for double-stage for efficient degassing and dehumidification action and removing dissolved impurities for massive improvement in the di-electric strength of the transformer.
  8. Multi-stage precision filtration system, mesh filtration combined with molecular adsorption technologies which is capable of making oil very pure.
  9. Efficient electric heating system, heating uniformity, less power consumption, safe and reliable.
  10. Double-infrared oil level sensor and foaming elimination system

Oil Filtration Machine

Oil Filtration Results

Oil Results (Before and After)
Name of Test Before Filtration After Filtration
Breakdown Voltage 15kV More than 70kV
Moisture Content 50ppm Below 5ppm
Gas Content 10% 0.01%
Particle Size 100 Micron 1 Micron
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